F4E highlights Ensa as a pillar in the scheme of companies for the manufacture of Vacuum Vessel

Ensa has participated in a video made by Fusion for Energy , the European Union organization set up to manage Europe’s contribution to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor , which shows the capabilities and contribution of the different European companies currently in different fields in of the design and manufacture of the largest international project for the development of fusion energy.

As the video explains, Ensa’s activity is mainly focused on two work packages: the manufacture of segments for the vacuum vessel sectors and the development of technology for the assembly, as well as the final welding of the reactor sectors in on site.

The sector segments that Ensa is manufacturing for the first order are called PS1 and PS4. The Cantabrian company is responsible for developing the technology, manufacturing, welding and supply of the components for sectors 3, 2 and 9 of the vacuum vessel.

For work related to PS1, there is an external company for electron beam welding of some of the sub-assemblies in Inner Shells such as T-Ribs, Intermodular Keys and Flexible Housings to Inner Shells; key and very precise welds. However, in the PS4 the Cantabrian Company is responsible for the entire cycle of preparation of work related to engineering, technology development, manufacture of parts and delivery.

For the second order, which Ensa has been awarded by the French agency IO , it has produced three 1:1 scale models on which all the processes developed by its engineering during the last 4 years are being validated, including robotic welding and non-destructive tests that will be performed when welding the sectors and ports to build the complete vacuum chamber.

The ITER project is a great opportunity for the nuclear industry. In fact, it is a «first of a kind» project, which means it has its own challenges. That is why Ensa has had to develop its own processes and robotic solutions to be able to face these challenges, among which there are very strict dimensional requirements, very demanding quality standards, the segregation of hardware and materials and special sequences that it has to think about, develop and implement to make sure that they adjust to the high levels that they have to have when they are carried out on the hardware and components.

But in order to be able to face all these challenges, Ensa has its Advanced Technology Center where all the necessary technology is developed, ranging from the hardware, software and methodology to have the precise technique for its successful implementation first in its Maliaño facilities and then in Cadarache when its final assembly is carried out.

Ensa will supply several components for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom

Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has recently been awarded a contract to manufacture two pressurizers for Framatome, the first supplier for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant . The Cantabrian Company is also responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of different tanks that will be embedded in the civil works: fourteen different components for the two units of the British plant. Each unit contains: a pressurised tank, a tank for the reactor cooling system and a volume control tank, as well as four accumulators and two rings; for the support and settlement of the reactor.

This marks the end of a commercial phase in which Ensa has overcome numerous challenges, developing value propositions that have allowed it to differentiate itself from stiff competition until finally being awarded these projects, which represents a milestone for Ensa in the panorama of the manufacture of components for nuclear power plants in the world market: Supplying these components in the United Kingdom is a strong endorsement of Ensa’s trajectory as a multi-system manufacturer, with different products and its internationalization, as well as an extensive experience that allows it to offer customized  services adapted to each client and situation.

Hinkley Point C , currently under construction, has a projected useful life of sixty years and is currently a leading project and international reference in the nuclear field and among the most relevant in the West.

The Advanced Technology Center of Ensa designs a new system of alignment of parts in the head of X-ray (RX)

Maliaño, 17th of September, The Automatic unit from the Advanced Technology Center of Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E , in collaboration with the QC Area , has implemented a system of alignment of parts in the X-ray head.

 This new design, based on the use of linear laser diodes, allows defining the exposure center and the axes located at 45 °. In addition, a point laser diode defines the optimum separation distance of the piece inspected

 With this new system, it is obtained an improvement in the radiographic images performance, which positively affects in the quality of products.

Ensa and the Brazilian Navy held a meeting at the facilities of the Cantabrian company

Maliaño, 20th of August, 2018-Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E. received the visit of an important delegation from the Technological Centre of the Brazilian Navy headed by its director, the Vice-Admiral , Sydney dos Santos Neves.

During the meeting at the company’s facilities in Maliaño, the progress of the work at the La Marinha Nuclear Power Generation Laboratory Plant for radioactive waste processing was analysed.  In addition, during the visit to the Advanced Technology Centre and the Ensa workshop, the Marinha was able to learn more about the technological capabilities and projects in which the company currently Works.

The Nuclear Spanish Group for the Cooperation took part in the International Youth Nuclear Congress in Hangzhou, China

Maliaño, 11th August.- The consortium of the Nuclear Spanish Group for the Cooperation that Ensa belongs, took part from 24th to 30th of July in the International Youth Nuclear Congress celebrated in Hangzhou, China.

During the presentation of the different Stands, the SNGC had the opportunity to present his capacities, services and products to the different representatives and authorities participants in the event, as well as of giving information to all his assistants.

Alejandro Palacio and Alberto Gonzalez were the professional young persons who represented Ensa in the SNGC in China.

In the session of opening they took part: the president of State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation , the vice-presidents of Nuclear China E&C Group , CGN Power Co, Ldt, Shanghai Electric Group Company and Dongfang Electric Company and the chief of engineering of China National Nuclear Corporation .

The Congress possessed the presence of the Authority of Atomic power of China and of representatives of the Government of the province of Zhejiang, of the National Administration of the Energy and of the State Agency of Nuclear Security.

The IYNC assembled in China more than 400 professional young people and students proceeding from 30 different countries, as well as to several of the principal companies of the nuclear sector.

Ensa delivered successfully three steam generators and one reactor vessel cover head for Beaver Valley’s plant in Pennsylvania

Maliaño, 3rd August.- Three steam generators and one reactor vessel cover head for Beaver Valley’s plant in Pennsylvania, USA, were reached his destination and were delivered in the plant of storage on 24th July.

The Cantabrian Company studied and prepared the maritime transport as the terrestrial inside the plant; it was invested almost half year and that has served to assure that the pieces should come in mint condition. The project was concluding successfully.

High degree of satisfaction

The clients, FENOC and Westinghouse, indicate to Ensa “his high degree of satisfaction with the final product. They emphasized that Maliaño’s company “has been capable of doing the things well to the first one from the beginning up to the end «.

The Ensa responsible of the project indicated that «the delivery has been realized expiring, once again, with the high levels of excellence that from Ensa we demand from ourselves in all our works, but it would have been difficult to culminate this one without a work well done totally in equipment», they concluded.

Ensa obtains a new patent!

Maliaño, 13rd June.- The Spanish Office of Patents and Brands has granted the patent to the design and development of the “Tool to move nuclear spent fuel inside the cells of a swimming pool of storage «.

The tool allows the access to the elements of fuel that are out of reach for the vertical hook of 2º crane, allowing the operations of hooked and unhooked elements of spent fuel, independently of the position that that this one occupies in the swimming pool of storage.

Pioneers in whole Europe for justified calibration for welding machines!

Maliaño, 1st June.- Ensa has received from ENAC the recognition according to ISO 17025 that he accredits to Metrology’s Electrical Laboratory, located in Ensa’s Advanced Technological Center, the calibration of power of welding machines sources.

Thanks to the technical efforts of the Metrology’s Laboratory team, a pioneering accreditation has been obtained in Spain and in the whole of Europe.

Ensa participates in the 1st collaboration meeting ITER project in Korea

Maliaño, 21st April.- Because of the realization of the collaboration meeting of all the participants of the “Vacuum Vessel” construction project of ITER, which was celebrated in early April in South Korea , Ensa was invited to be responsible of the vacuum vessel. In addition there was the opportunity to visit the facilities of K-Start, which is one of the last fusion reactors launched in magnetic confinement, and the installations of Hyundai Heavy Industries, of which they fabricate 2 of the 9 sectors.

This has been the first meeting that has managed to contact with all the involved parts, ITER Organization, the national agencies and the subcontractors, with the main objective that the information will be more fluid and shared between all the parts.