Ensa participated in Nugenia, one of the most important European forums on nuclear energy

The company showed its experience in manufacturing of fusion reactors, especially in ITER

Maliaño, 28th march 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E participated in Nugenia, one of the most important European forums related to nuclear energy, where the most important companies in manufacturing and investigation in this type of technologies met. Nugenia, organizer of the meeting, is a non-profit association strongly implicated in the R&D of technologies that ensure the safety, reliability, and competitiveness of the nuclear plants of second and third generation.

In the technical sessions topics as safety of the plants, digitalization, dismantling, competitiveness and components manufacturing were treated. Within this last section the state company located in Maliaño offered the presentation “Advanced manufacturing of fusion reactors”, where its experience in the manufacturing on this type of reactors was showed and it was made special emphasis in the works that are being carried out in the manufacturing and welding contracts for ITER .

In this last aspect the main challenge they are dealing with were commented and they presented the main technological development that is being carried out to undertake the works. To conclude the presentation, they showed a demonstration video with the works that are being made in its component production workshop.

The meeting served to show Ensa’s capabilities in the manufacturing of components for the nuclear sector, so as to know the last advances and tendencies into the same sector.

Ensa increase its external calibrations

Maliaño, March 26th 2019-.  The Metrology Laboratory of Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E is set as a reference in the world of calibration. An example of this is the constant increase of external works realized. In 2010 a hundred measurements were counted, in 2018 this figure has reached up to 600.

The cantabrian company ensure that the confidence that its clients have deposited in it is due to several factors as the direct, professional and near deal with the laboratory technicians, reflected in the results of the surveys made; to the differentiating element of its service  by calibrating what the customers need when they need it; and the increase in accreditations ENAC that allow Ensa to participate and win tenders for calibration plans of big companies as Repsol, GE, etc.

These data are supported by the good results obtained in external and internal audits and in the inter-comparisons with other laboratories.

Ensa participated in the International Nuclear Power Plants Summit in Istambul

Maliaño, March 11st 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has been with the Cluster of the Nuclear Industry of Cantabria , in the 6th edition of the Congress and Exhibition of nuclear power plants – International Nuclear Power Plant Summit celebrated in Instambul.

The event, considerate as a reference date in the nuclear sector in Turkey, joined all supplier of the nuclear supply chain with the main buyers, decision makers and potential partners. There the state company located in Maliaño had the chance to show their products and services, show its capacities in the nuclear industry, update the latest industry developments and networking opportunities to explore new ways of collaboration.

The Advanced Technology Center of Ensa cooperate with Navantia improving the developments in the design and production of a component for a new submarine

Maliaño, March 5st, 2019. – The Advanced Technology Center of Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E  , with other technologies centers as CTC, Eurocontrol and CADE, made an advisory and consulting work  to Navantia shipyard in the design and manufacturing review of one of the integrating components of the new S-80 submarines.

Through different analysis and calculations, in addition to ensuring compliance with the ASME standard, it was verified that these components of the submarine were safe for installation.

Ensa develops two news processes of protection against the corrosion of the sealing gaskets of its ENUN cask

Maliaño, March 1st 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has developed two news alternatives for the recharge processes in the seat area of the sealing gaskets thanks to a subsidy of the line INNOVA 2017 of de Department of Innovation, Industry, Tourism of the Cantabrian government.

The main purpose of the project consists in the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness of metal casks of the ENUN family of new manufacturing in the protection of the board area against to corrosion. For that, Ensa has developed two alternatives and complementary lines thanks to the introduction of new technologies.

Therefore, Ensa has developed the robot application of weld CMT, which allow the performance of recharge the sealing gasket with a high metallurgic quality and an important rise in productivity. This is possible thanks to the improvement of the welding device, as well as the system robotization that allows covering any type of complex geometry.

Ensa received students of the intermediate level of Mechanid of Salesianos school

Maliaño, February the 26fst of 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E  received the visit of the second-year students of the intermediate level of Machined of Salesianos school at Santander.

The group was welcomed with a presentation of the company where the main products designed and manufactured and the services offered to the nuclear industry were shown.

The visit continued in the Advanced Technology Centre where they observed, among others, tensile tests and impact tests with Charpy pendulum.

The meeting finished in the factory where they could see the main components and products in differents stages of manufacturing. Also the group observed the operation of specific machines such as grinding machines, boring machines, broaching machine and the vertical lathe and it was explained to them the work carried out in the clean area.

Ensa has done a new vibration test in the Ascó nuclear power plant

Maliaño, February the 21fst of 2019.- The Automatic department of the Advanced Technology Centre of Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has made a new test of vibrations in Ascó nuclear power plant in Tarragona to verify the correct state of the reactor coolant pumps.

As a part of the framework contract that the state company with head office/headquarters in Maliaño has signed with Westinghouse for the nuclear power plants of the National Association Ascó- Vandellós group it has been made the vibration measurements of the reactor coolant pumps during the beginning of plant cycle.

With these measures it was verified the correct state of the pumps after the servicing realized during the refuelling outage and also the needed calculations were made in anticipation of a scenery where balancing is necessary. The works were developed during the pressure and temperature rise of the plant until reaching nominal values.

Ensa finished successfully the test developed with the mockup of its ENUN 32P cask by the German Institute B.A.M

Maliaño, February 7th 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has finished successfully all the activities in the 1/3 mockup of its ENUN 32P cask at the facilities of the German Institute B.A.M with the American laboratories of SANDIA and PNNL.

Two drop tests were performed from 30 cm height, in horizontal position with different orientations of its basket, on non-deformable surface that show the postulated scenarios  according to normal conditions of transport, at the regulation transport of radioactive material.

The cask was instrumented with 51 accelerometers located in the body of the cask, in the basket, at 11 of the fuel elements and also at the contact surface in the floor. SANDIA laboratories are in charge of the post-processing of the results, and PNNL of the modelling of the system through two elements finite codes.

The project is part of a series of tests and simulations that the state company located in Maliaño, SANDIA and PNNL have been carrying out for many years, to study in detail the behavior of spent fuel assemblies during postulated mechanical processes in the transport regulation of radioactive material for standard conditions and hypothetical accident conditions.

Ensa successfully loads the first two ENUN 32P casks in Trillo NNPP

Maliaño, January the 24th of 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E successfully completed the loading of the second ENUN 32P cask at Trillo Nuclear Power Plant in Guadalajara. The cask was transferred to its storage position in the Individual Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI of the plant, where 2 ENUN 32P casks and 32 DPT casks, also designed, manufactured and loaded by Ensa, are stored.

With the loading of these casks, carried out in collaboration with Enwesa S.A., S.M.E, a subsidiary of Ensa, the first load campaign of the ENUN 32P casks was successfully completed and the process of starting up was completed. This process was previously initiated by the modification of auxiliary equipment and the performance of cold trials.

ENUN 32P casks, designed and manufactured by Ensa, allow the transport and storage of spent fuel. These first campaigns of loads carried out in Almaraz NNPP and Trillo NNPP suppose putting in service this cask model of the ENUN series.

Ensa supplied Almaraz NPP with a long pendular tool

Maliaño, January 21st, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares SA, SME delivered the long pendular spent fuel handling tool , successfully completing the assembly at the Almaraz NPP in Cáceres and the Site Acceptance Test consisting of handling with a dummy element in the spent fuel pool of Unit I of said plant.

This tool has been designed for handling fuel elements located in the spent fuel pool, in areas inaccessible to other tools existing to date in the plant. This special lifting device is part of the family of pendular tools in which Ensa is specialized. Its design is patented since 2014 and has been supplied to plants such as José Cabrera NPP , Almaraz NPP I and II, Ascó NPP I and II and Yonggwang NPP III and IV.

The pendular tool incorporates technological advances that optimize the balancing of the tool during the grip of the fuel element, providing a fast and reliable response.