The Nuclear Spanish Group for the Cooperation took part in the International Youth Nuclear Congress in Hangzhou, China

Maliaño, 11th August.- The consortium of the Nuclear Spanish Group for the Cooperation that Ensa belongs, took part from 24th to 30th of July in the International Youth Nuclear Congress celebrated in Hangzhou, China.

During the presentation of the different Stands, the SNGC had the opportunity to present his capacities, services and products to the different representatives and authorities participants in the event, as well as of giving information to all his assistants.

Alejandro Palacio and Alberto Gonzalez were the professional young persons who represented Ensa in the SNGC in China.

In the session of opening they took part: the president of State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation , the vice-presidents of Nuclear China E&C Group , CGN Power Co, Ldt, Shanghai Electric Group Company and Dongfang Electric Company and the chief of engineering of China National Nuclear Corporation .

The Congress possessed the presence of the Authority of Atomic power of China and of representatives of the Government of the province of Zhejiang, of the National Administration of the Energy and of the State Agency of Nuclear Security.

The IYNC assembled in China more than 400 professional young people and students proceeding from 30 different countries, as well as to several of the principal companies of the nuclear sector.