Ensa receives the Certificate of Compliance of the ENUN 24P cask in Spain

Maliaño, October 31, 2017. – Equipos Nucleares S.A, S.M.E. has received the approval of the MINETAD for the design of its ENUN 24P cask for the transportation of spent nuclear fuel. With this approval, the licensing process in Spain of the cask is concluded.

The design of the ENUN 24P allows the storage and transportation of up to 24 non-damaged used PWR fuel by road, rail and sea. Ensa has already manufactured a unit of this model, which has already been delivered to the Daya Bay plant in Shenzhen – China.

This license approval is a milestone for the Spanish nuclear industry, since  the ENUN 24P is the first cask licensed in Spain that allows the transportation of high burnup fuel . Additionally, the ENUN 24P increases the list of self-designed casks already licensed by Ensa, adding to ENUN 32P and ENUN 52B.

The Energy Policy and Mines General Directorate of MINETAD, in accordance with the favorable report issued by the CSN and, as a result of the evaluations carried out, agreed to approve this design for «complying with the requirements for type B packages as per the regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Spanish regulations on the transport of dangerous materials «.

Ensa is currently providing support to its customer URC for the design validation process by the Chinese Nuclear Regulator Authority . This validation will presumably  enable URC to carry out the first commercial high burnup fuel transportation in China.

Ensa belongs to the SEPI Group, a corporate holding company that comprises a total of 15 Spanish public companies directly and majority owned, with a workforce of almost 73,000 professionals. SEPI is also a shareholder of the Spanish Broadcasting Corporation , and has a public foundation and direct minority interests in nine other companies and indirect in more than one hundred companies.

The Nuclear Spanish Group for the Cooperation took part in the International Youth Nuclear Congress in Hangzhou, China

Maliaño, 11th August.- The consortium of the Nuclear Spanish Group for the Cooperation that Ensa belongs, took part from 24th to 30th of July in the International Youth Nuclear Congress celebrated in Hangzhou, China.

During the presentation of the different Stands, the SNGC had the opportunity to present his capacities, services and products to the different representatives and authorities participants in the event, as well as of giving information to all his assistants.

Alejandro Palacio and Alberto Gonzalez were the professional young persons who represented Ensa in the SNGC in China.

In the session of opening they took part: the president of State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation , the vice-presidents of Nuclear China E&C Group , CGN Power Co, Ldt, Shanghai Electric Group Company and Dongfang Electric Company and the chief of engineering of China National Nuclear Corporation .

The Congress possessed the presence of the Authority of Atomic power of China and of representatives of the Government of the province of Zhejiang, of the National Administration of the Energy and of the State Agency of Nuclear Security.

The IYNC assembled in China more than 400 professional young people and students proceeding from 30 different countries, as well as to several of the principal companies of the nuclear sector.

Ensa participates in the 20th edition of the PBNC and 14th edition of the NIC Conferences in 2016

From 5th to 9th April, Ensa has participated in the 20th edition of the Conference PBNC 2016 and 14th edition of the 2016 NIC conference, held in parallel in Beijing. Through this participation, representatives of Ensa exchanged with Chinese nuclear organizations their views on the future development of nuclear energy in China and the world, and discussed ways of support and collaboration with the Chinese nuclear industry, with whom Ensa has been cooperating since more than 20 years.

José María Zubimendi, Director of Nuclear Business of Ensa, participated along with representatives of Westinghouse, Areva NP, Idaho National Laboratory and CNEC in the Panel of Nuclear Power Plant Construction and manufacturing of components.

In his presentation, José María Zubimendi stressed the importance of the advancement of manufacturing technology and international collaboration for the development of the new generation of nuclear reactors in order to improve the safety of nuclear energy as well as its economic viability, suggesting that designers of new reactors should work closely with experienced manufacturers to develop designs that are technologically safe and economically competitive.

Maliaño, 16th June.