Ensa received students from the Degrees of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics of the UC to attract their best talents

Maliaño, May the 28th 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A, S.M.E received the visit of a group of students of the last courses of the Degrees of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cantabria to reinforce the channels that exists between them to attract and maintain the best within their academic environment, for Ensa, an indispensable condition to grow and to be competitive.

The state company based in Maliaño has been collaborating with the UC for many years in different projects related to innovation, as well as in the transfer of knowledge between both. An intense relationship that extends even to the workplace, as far as the recruitment of young talents from the university is concerned. This is so, that almost 40% of the scholarship holders who agreed to Ensa with an internship agreement when they were university students were subsequently hired.

Ensa understands the need to strengthen ties with the University of Cantabria and other training centers in the region, therefore the fluid dialogue with them and the implementation of different programs focused on getting the best talents to develop their daily work in the company in the most efficient possible way. Human talent, more and more trained, to be able to achieve better results and increase the company’s position in an increasingly competitive market.

Ensa received a representation of companies in the nuclear sector of South Korea

Maliaño, 23rd of may, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E received the visit of a representation of South Korean companies dedicated to the nuclear industry. The meeting was organized by the Foro Nuclear in collaboration with Korea Trade Investment Promotion , Agency Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power and Korea Nuclear Partners .

More than 40 companies from the nuclear sector in Spain and South Korea gathered at the facilities that the state company has in Maliaño to intensify the synergies and alliances between the Spanish and South Korean nuclear industry, as well as to strengthen or establish new businesses in the nuclear field between both countries.

Its general director, Rafael Triviño, welcomed them and explained the capabilities of Ensa, as well as its international expansion. The group visited the workshop where they could see some of the main components designed and manufactured by the company such as steam generators or casks for the storage and transportation of spent fuel in different manufacturing states.

For its part, the Cantabrian Cluster of Nuclear Industry , a business organization that emerged as a meeting point between agents of the Cantabrian nuclear industry, with María Vega as president, showed the technology and services offered by the companies that integrated it. Each of its representatives had the opportunity to publicize their products and services through bilateral meetings.

Ensa participated in the third edition of the “Day of employment and inthership in business” celebrated by the science school of UC

Maliaño, May 15, 2019.- One year more, Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E participated with its subsidiary, Enwesa, in the third edition of  the “Day of Employment and Internship in Business” celebrated by the Science School of the Cantabrian University .

For the state company established in Maliaño, this type of meetings, whose objective is to provide students with employment opportunities and high quality professional development are important because it favors the direct approach with the talent of students with specific training in Science and can serve to satisfy some of their labor demands.

Ensa received the students of the Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Cataluña

Maliaño, the 10th of may 2019.- One more year, Equipos Nucleares SA, SME received the visit of the students of the Master of Nuclear Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Cataluña who came with the chief from the Nuclear Engineering Division of the UPC, Lluís Batet.

During the visit, the group toured the main facilities that the state company has in Maliaño, including the laboratories that are integrated within its Advanced Technology Center.

In the workshop, they saw the scale model 1: 1 of the union of sectors of the reactor of the ITER , steam generators and fuel casks in different state of manufacture and a replacement head of a reactor.

One of the objectives of the Master, which is part of the European master EMINE organized by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, is to train highly competent nuclear engineers so that they can easily adapt to positions of responsibility in companies in the sector or nuclear research centers.

Ensa hosted the periodic meeting of the OPTOSTEEL Project

Maliaño, May 3 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E hosted the periodic follow meeting of the OPTOSTEEL project
which the members of the Consortium. They discussed the results of the research carried out and the next steps to be taken to optimize the tenacity in the welding of high strength structural steels.

The OPTOSTEEL project is part of the Research Program of the European Fund for Coal and Steel Research with award number 709936).

Ensa and GE develop a control rod blade and fuel channels segmentation technology

Maliaño, April 30, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E , with General Electric-Hitachi GEH, have developed a technological solution for the processing of the control rod blade and fuel channels sementation technology. This solution is applicable to dismantling phase and during the operation of the plants, because the segmentation technology permits to perform the work reliably and safely, avoiding the release of gases, such as boron carbide or tritium.

With this new technology of cutting it is possible to reduce the volume of waste and maximize the storage capacity of spent fuel pools.

During its application in Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Valencia, a significant reduction in the volume occupied by the control rods and irradiated fuel channels has been achieved, which will allow the plant to continue operating without space problems during the coming years: In particular, a total of 120 positions have been released on the hangers of the control rods and 12 positions on the fuel storage racks.

In addition, the equipment is modular, allowing its installation in areas of reduced space, and carrying out cutting activities in parallel with other plant operation activities.

Satisfactory presentation of the systems and procedures developed by Ensa for the welding between sectors of the ITER vacuum chamber

Maliaño, April 26, 2019.- The presentation of the first package of systems and procedures developed by Equipos Nucleares S.A, S.M.E within the welding project of sectors and ports of the vacuum chamber for ITER was highly satisfactory.

Its preparation has been a considerable challenge in the recent months, but the state company based in Maliaño has received unanimous congratulations from the client, as well as the president of the court and its main components: TRO and FIDIC .

Three additional sessions are planned with the rest of the systems that will be developed during the next months.

Ensa participates in the construction of the most powerful neutron source in the world

The company will participate in the building of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator

Maliaño, April 24, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has been successful bidder to the manufacture of 4 Monolith Port Blocks and the NNbar Tube by research center known as the European Spallation Neutron Source .

Each block of ports contains between 9 – 11 tubes to house the NBPI or neutron beam port insertions and to the NB PP or Plugs. The NNbar is the only tube that, in the beginning, will house the “NN-bar adapter”, formed by three neutron guide tubes. All of them will be part of the monolith vessel; one of the main systems of the target station.

This adjudication opens to Ensa the opportunity to work with this client for the first time and to participate in the construction of the most powerful neutron source in the world. The installation of ESS will serve to discover and to develop new materials that will have applications in numerous sectors: pharmacology, industrial manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications, energy, transport and biotechnology.

Ensa participates in SOLECOM project to look for more efficient solutions in cask design of nuclear fuel through composite materials

Maliaño, April, 17, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E participates, within a consortium established by INGECID and the University of Cantabria Research organization; GITECO, in the SOLECOM project,  financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and European Fund for regional development , to look for new more efficient solutions  in cask design of nuclear fuel through composite materials.

The objective of the project is the development of a system for the storage of spent fuel from nuclear power plants. Overcome this challenge of designing and manufacturing metal casks, with several competitive advantages over other existing in the market, the next phase is to adapt the knowledge acquired to the design of a cask of ‘canister’ type concrete and apply it to both fuel storage of Spanish plants as well as any power plant that works with this system, which will provide the nuclear industry with a more efficient solution and improve the long-term storage security through Spanish technology.

Due to the diversity of spent nuclear fuel management strategies in the world, the concrete cask “canister” type are very demanded, why the importance of this new project of I+D+I to find a more efficient cask.

Ensa successfully completed the installation of five racks at the Olkiluoto plant in Finland

Maliaño, April 12, 2019- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E successfully completed the installation of five racks in the spent fuel pools of the KPA storage building of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Finland.

The Cantabrian company installed the first four racks in the plant in 2014 and this work has been recently completed with the installation of five new racks for the expansion of the pools. These last «internlock» racks, Ensa’s own design, were supplied last year and finally, they have been installed in underwater installation conditions. The works, coordinated by the owner of the Teollisuuden Voima Oyj plant and supervised by Ensa, have been executed with the tools that the company based in Maliaño had supplied in the first installation and within the established schedule.

Ensa has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of fuel storage equipment among which are the racks. Since 1993, it has supplied a total of 38,941 cells that are installed in all the Spanish plants and many others in China, South Korea, Finland, Taiwan and France. All designs have been developed following the highest quality standards, according to the demands of their clients.