Ensa delivered successfully three steam generators and one reactor vessel cover head for Beaver Valley’s plant in Pennsylvania

Maliaño, 3rd August.- Three steam generators and one reactor vessel cover head for Beaver Valley’s plant in Pennsylvania, USA, were reached his destination and were delivered in the plant of storage on 24th July.

The Cantabrian Company studied and prepared the maritime transport as the terrestrial inside the plant; it was invested almost half year and that has served to assure that the pieces should come in mint condition. The project was concluding successfully.

High degree of satisfaction

The clients, FENOC and Westinghouse, indicate to Ensa “his high degree of satisfaction with the final product. They emphasized that Maliaño’s company “has been capable of doing the things well to the first one from the beginning up to the end «.

The Ensa responsible of the project indicated that «the delivery has been realized expiring, once again, with the high levels of excellence that from Ensa we demand from ourselves in all our works, but it would have been difficult to culminate this one without a work well done totally in equipment», they concluded.

Ensa participates in the 20th edition of the PBNC and 14th edition of the NIC Conferences in 2016

From 5th to 9th April, Ensa has participated in the 20th edition of the Conference PBNC 2016 and 14th edition of the 2016 NIC conference, held in parallel in Beijing. Through this participation, representatives of Ensa exchanged with Chinese nuclear organizations their views on the future development of nuclear energy in China and the world, and discussed ways of support and collaboration with the Chinese nuclear industry, with whom Ensa has been cooperating since more than 20 years.

José María Zubimendi, Director of Nuclear Business of Ensa, participated along with representatives of Westinghouse, Areva NP, Idaho National Laboratory and CNEC in the Panel of Nuclear Power Plant Construction and manufacturing of components.

In his presentation, José María Zubimendi stressed the importance of the advancement of manufacturing technology and international collaboration for the development of the new generation of nuclear reactors in order to improve the safety of nuclear energy as well as its economic viability, suggesting that designers of new reactors should work closely with experienced manufacturers to develop designs that are technologically safe and economically competitive.

Maliaño, 16th June.