Ensa successfully loads 4 casks in the ATI of the Ascó NPP

Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E successfully completed the loading of four spent fuel casks in Group I of the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant in Tarragona. The casks were duly positioned in the independent spent fuel storage installation of this plant.

Loading was carried out between February and May in collaboration with Enwesa S.A., S.M.E., a subsidiary of Ensa. The forecast for 2018 for the Ascó plant is to complete the load of 2 additional units in Group II foreseen for the third quarter of the year.

The main functionality of this system is the dry storage of the fuel in the plant. The Cantabrian Company has previously manufactured this type of containers for the same site and expects to participate in future loading campaigns for the Ascó y Vandellós Nuclear Association based on its experience and satisfactory results.

Ensa delivered successfully three steam generators and one reactor vessel cover head for Beaver Valley’s plant in Pennsylvania

Maliaño, 3rd August.- Three steam generators and one reactor vessel cover head for Beaver Valley’s plant in Pennsylvania, USA, were reached his destination and were delivered in the plant of storage on 24th July.

The Cantabrian Company studied and prepared the maritime transport as the terrestrial inside the plant; it was invested almost half year and that has served to assure that the pieces should come in mint condition. The project was concluding successfully.

High degree of satisfaction

The clients, FENOC and Westinghouse, indicate to Ensa “his high degree of satisfaction with the final product. They emphasized that Maliaño’s company “has been capable of doing the things well to the first one from the beginning up to the end «.

The Ensa responsible of the project indicated that «the delivery has been realized expiring, once again, with the high levels of excellence that from Ensa we demand from ourselves in all our works, but it would have been difficult to culminate this one without a work well done totally in equipment», they concluded.