Ensa starts the welding work for the assembly of the vacuum vessel mockup of the ITER

Ensa has started with the official welding work on the 1:1 scale model representing the union between two sectors of the vacuum chamber of the nuclear fusion reactor that the ITER consortium will build at the Cadarache facilities – France.

This work represents the beginning of the validation process of the numerous equipment, systems and procedures that have been developed over the last 5 years.

The activities are part of the first of the three phases of the project, which is expected to be completed by the middle of the next decade.

The ITER project is undoubtedly the most ambitious global research project, linked to demonstrating the technical feasibility of commercial nuclear fusion on Earth.

Ensa will supply several components for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom

Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has recently been awarded a contract to manufacture two pressurizers for Framatome, the first supplier for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant . The Cantabrian Company is also responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of different tanks that will be embedded in the civil works: fourteen different components for the two units of the British plant. Each unit contains: a pressurised tank, a tank for the reactor cooling system and a volume control tank, as well as four accumulators and two rings; for the support and settlement of the reactor.

This marks the end of a commercial phase in which Ensa has overcome numerous challenges, developing value propositions that have allowed it to differentiate itself from stiff competition until finally being awarded these projects, which represents a milestone for Ensa in the panorama of the manufacture of components for nuclear power plants in the world market: Supplying these components in the United Kingdom is a strong endorsement of Ensa’s trajectory as a multi-system manufacturer, with different products and its internationalization, as well as an extensive experience that allows it to offer customized  services adapted to each client and situation.

Hinkley Point C , currently under construction, has a projected useful life of sixty years and is currently a leading project and international reference in the nuclear field and among the most relevant in the West.

Companies of the Future Program: CINC (Cluster of the Nuclear Industry of Cantabria)

“Popular TV” broadcasted a program dedicated to the CINC sponsored by SODERCAN

The program talked about the history of the Cluster since its foundation in 2013. María Vega, president of CINC and director of Business Development of Ensa – company which leads this business conglomerate – explains the value of clusters in the international market as vehicle to strengthen ties and foster synergies, in this case within the nuclear industry.

In addition to Maria’s intervention, the program includes the participation of Sergio Gómez, vice president of CINC and responsible for Nuclear and Manufacturing ENWESA and Beatriz San Cristobal, secretary of CINC and director of Projects and Technological Development CTC.

To know more about the Cluster, you can access the following direct link to the video: vimeo.com/278993506

Ensa participates in the 1st collaboration meeting ITER project in Korea

Maliaño, 21st April.- Because of the realization of the collaboration meeting of all the participants of the “Vacuum Vessel” construction project of ITER, which was celebrated in early April in South Korea , Ensa was invited to be responsible of the vacuum vessel. In addition there was the opportunity to visit the facilities of K-Start, which is one of the last fusion reactors launched in magnetic confinement, and the installations of Hyundai Heavy Industries, of which they fabricate 2 of the 9 sectors.

This has been the first meeting that has managed to contact with all the involved parts, ITER Organization, the national agencies and the subcontractors, with the main objective that the information will be more fluid and shared between all the parts.