Satisfactory presentation of the systems and procedures developed by Ensa for the welding between sectors of the ITER vacuum chamber

Maliaño, April 26, 2019.- The presentation of the first package of systems and procedures developed by Equipos Nucleares S.A, S.M.E within the welding project of sectors and ports of the vacuum chamber for ITER was highly satisfactory.

Its preparation has been a considerable challenge in the recent months, but the state company based in Maliaño has received unanimous congratulations from the client, as well as the president of the court and its main components: TRO and FIDIC .

Three additional sessions are planned with the rest of the systems that will be developed during the next months.

Ensa participates in SOLECOM project to look for more efficient solutions in cask design of nuclear fuel through composite materials

Maliaño, April, 17, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E participates, within a consortium established by INGECID and the University of Cantabria Research organization; GITECO, in the SOLECOM project,  financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and European Fund for regional development , to look for new more efficient solutions  in cask design of nuclear fuel through composite materials.

The objective of the project is the development of a system for the storage of spent fuel from nuclear power plants. Overcome this challenge of designing and manufacturing metal casks, with several competitive advantages over other existing in the market, the next phase is to adapt the knowledge acquired to the design of a cask of ‘canister’ type concrete and apply it to both fuel storage of Spanish plants as well as any power plant that works with this system, which will provide the nuclear industry with a more efficient solution and improve the long-term storage security through Spanish technology.

Due to the diversity of spent nuclear fuel management strategies in the world, the concrete cask “canister” type are very demanded, why the importance of this new project of I+D+I to find a more efficient cask.

Ensa successfully completed the installation of five racks at the Olkiluoto plant in Finland

Maliaño, April 12, 2019- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E successfully completed the installation of five racks in the spent fuel pools of the KPA storage building of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Finland.

The Cantabrian company installed the first four racks in the plant in 2014 and this work has been recently completed with the installation of five new racks for the expansion of the pools. These last «internlock» racks, Ensa’s own design, were supplied last year and finally, they have been installed in underwater installation conditions. The works, coordinated by the owner of the Teollisuuden Voima Oyj plant and supervised by Ensa, have been executed with the tools that the company based in Maliaño had supplied in the first installation and within the established schedule.

Ensa has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of fuel storage equipment among which are the racks. Since 1993, it has supplied a total of 38,941 cells that are installed in all the Spanish plants and many others in China, South Korea, Finland, Taiwan and France. All designs have been developed following the highest quality standards, according to the demands of their clients.

Ensa participated in the ITER Business Forum held in France

Maliaño, April 1, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E participated in the ITER Business Forum held in Antibes Juan les Pins in southern France.

Organized by the ITER France Agency, it is the largest economic event in the world dedicated to the ITER project and represents a great chance for the companies involved in this project to establish industrial associations and access business opportunities.

The state company based in Maliaño took advantage of this event to make new contacts with potential partners at European and international level, strengthen ties with the main contractors of the ITER Organization and the National Agencies, catch up on the latest developments of the project, receive updated information on future business opportunities and showcase their technological capabilities and industrial achievements.

Ensa was the first European company to deliver a completed component of the ITER project in its location in Cadarache. 4 tanks for the Tritiated Water System were manufactured for what is one of the most important civil engineering platforms currently whose objective is to test the feasibility of fusion energy as a sustainable energy source, before the construction of a facility commercial demonstration.

Ensa calculates its carbon footprint, verified by AENOR

Maliaño, January 30th, 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E is calculating its carbon footprint that is being verified by AENOR .

The carbon footprint measures greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted into the atmosphere as a result of our activity in society. The Cantabrian company maintains a commitment to fight against global warming that is reflected in this initiative, with which it aims to reduce the impact of its activities in this area through the implementation of measures that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint each year.

Its products and services help to generate carbon-free energy, a fundamental aspect at a time when climate change has the greatest environmental impact at a global level, and where EU policies focus efforts on reducing GEI emissions and in the transition towards a low carbon energy model.

Ensa’s environmental policy is aligned with European and national policies, maintaining a principle of efficient use of energy, which translates into an objective of reducing energy consumption and the associated carbon footprint.

Consequently with the transparency policy, the footprint is being verified by AENOR and the registration in the Carbon Footprint, Compensation and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Projects Registry of the Ministry of Energy Transition is considered created by Real Decreto 163/2014.

Ensa successfully loads the first two ENUN 32P casks in Trillo NNPP

Maliaño, January the 24th of 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E successfully completed the loading of the second ENUN 32P cask at Trillo Nuclear Power Plant in Guadalajara. The cask was transferred to its storage position in the Individual Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI of the plant, where 2 ENUN 32P casks and 32 DPT casks, also designed, manufactured and loaded by Ensa, are stored.

With the loading of these casks, carried out in collaboration with Enwesa S.A., S.M.E, a subsidiary of Ensa, the first load campaign of the ENUN 32P casks was successfully completed and the process of starting up was completed. This process was previously initiated by the modification of auxiliary equipment and the performance of cold trials.

ENUN 32P casks, designed and manufactured by Ensa, allow the transport and storage of spent fuel. These first campaigns of loads carried out in Almaraz NNPP and Trillo NNPP suppose putting in service this cask model of the ENUN series.

ENSA moved its headquarters from Madrid to Cantabria

The decision has been made by the Government delegate of Cantabria with the SEPI president and the head of the company

Maliaño, 22nd of January of 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E , belonging to the SEPI group, has decided to move its headquarters, which up to now was in Madrid, to the Cantabrian city of Maliaño. In this way, the company brings together its centers of activity, management and production, in the Cantabrian region. Its manufacturing center is in the same municipality, in the South of the Santander Bay. The initiative has started by the Government delegate in Cantabria, Pablo Zuloaga, after a recent meeting with the president of SEPI, Vicente Fernández, and the new president of Ensa, José David Gomila.


With this move, Ensa suited its headquarters to the reality of the company, since the main activity, manufacturing plants, and almost all of the staff are concentrated in Maliaño. From these facilities, all commercial activities are undertaken and they received visits from customers, being also the point of residence of the management team of the company.


In addition to match its registered with the main center of interests of the company, the transfer of its headquarters is impact, from the fiscal point of view, that the Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y el de Actos Jurídicos Documentados will enter in Cantabria. Other economic implications is that the transfer of 50% of the VAT collected by the State to the region.

The company was formed on July 10, 1973 in order to satisfy the needs of the Spanish civil nuclear program in the manufacturing of nuclear components. The construction of the plant of Maliaño took place between 1975 and 1976, when started the manufacture of the first components for the Spanish market.

In the past 45 years, the Cantabrian company has earned international recognition as multisystem nuclear components supplier, the quality of their products and the high technology of their production processes and their services.

At present, Ensa has among its clients all power plants and industrial plants of chemical and steel industry of the country. All components for the spent fuel of Spanish plants have been manufactured by it. In addition, the equipment manufactured by this company operating in more than 90 nuclear power plants in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Argentina, India, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, China and South Korea.

Ensa has reached high levels of training what makes it the first metallurgical company of our country in accreditations for the laboratories of its Advanced Technology Center that certify the quality of their products. This also allows the company participate in large international projects, such as the of the Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor International , in France, where Ensa has a key role.

In addition to its leadership in the sector in which develops its activity, the company has become worthy of the distinctive «Equality in business», a mark of excellence that keeps from 2010 and its granted by the Government, recognizing companies that stand out in the development of policies of equality between women and men in the workplace through the implementation of measures or plans.


Equipos Nucleares is a public company owned by 78,75% by the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales and a 21.25% by the Dirección General de Patrimonio del Estado, whose activity is the manufacture and supply of nuclear components.

Its subsidiary ENWESA, also based in Cantabria and owned by Ensa 82,55% and by Westinghouse 17.45%, is a services company specialized in maintenance and assembly of mechanical, electrical, and I &C; communications systems and nuclear services in power plants, petrochemical and naval sector among others.

SEPI group

Ensa belongs to the SEPI group, a holding company that comprises a total of 15 public companies participated in a direct and majority, with more than 74,000 professionals. It also has a supervised public foundation and direct minority stakes in nine companies and hints at more than one hundred companies.

Ensa successfully passes the renewal audit of the occupational health and safety management certificate OHSAS 18001: 2007

Maliaño, January the 10th, 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has successfully passed the last audit carried out by Lloyd’s Register, renewing its occupational health and safety management certificate OHSAS 18001:2007. The document certifies the commitment of the Cantabrian company to the safety and health of all those people, both the organization´s workers and its collaborating companies and customers, which contribute to making Ensa a leading company in its sector.

The company based in Maliaño maintains a health and safety management system in accordance with the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard certified by Lloyd’s Register since 2009 and has recently been renewed for another 3 years.

This audit has highlighted the involvement of company’s management team in all aspects related to prevention, leading the implementation of actions. The organization has established the bases for continuous improvement and minimization of risks, integrating the preventive culture at all levels of the company. The organization guarantees by means of the different processes, procedures and systems a focus towards compliance with the legal aspects related to security, as well as the requirements of customers.

Due to its commitment with Safety, Health and Continuous Improvement, Ensa marks the next challenge in the adaptation of its safety and health management system to the new ISO 45001: 2018 standard.

Ensa successfully passes the renewal audit of the environmental management certificate UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015

Maliaño, December 28, 2018 – Equipos Nucleares S.A. S.M.E. has successfully passed the last audit carried out by AENOR with which it renews its environmental management certificate UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015; document that revalidates the commitment of the Cantabrian company with the protection of the special environment in which are located their facilities in the coastal area framed in the Bay of Santander, and next to the Ornithological Reserve of the White Marshes.

Ensa maintains an environmental management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard certified by AENOR since 2004, and last year it made the transition to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard: it has recently been renewed for another 3 years.

The audit highlight the efforts made in terms of communication, awareness and environmental training, as well as the social actions carried out in accordance with the improvement plan for the promotion of circular economy with which it is sought a second life for discarded materials and equipment, doing donations of retired IT equipment and delivering valuable waste to social causes or organizations that promote social integration.

Ensa successfully loads ENUN 32P casks in Almaraz and Trillo NPPs

Maliaño, 21st of december 2018. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E successfully completed the loading of its first two ENUN 32P casks at the Almaraz and Trillo NPPs.

The ENUN 32P cask designed and manufactured by the Cantabrian company, for the transport and storage of spent fuel and licensed by the CSN, were stored in the Individualized Temporary Storage Facility in the two plants, being the first of a series of casks that Ensa will supply to the Spanish market.

With the loading of these casks carried out in collaboration with Enwesa Operaciones SA, SME, a subsidiary of Ensa, the objective of offering a new cask with new features and capabilities to the national and international market that make the ENUN 32P an outstanding product, attractive and competitive.