Security, Technology and Good Practices; pillars on which Ensa’s management relies

 The Cantabrian company celebrated its 10th Improvement Day, focused on the need to remain at the technological forefront.

Security, Technology and Good Practices were the concepts on which the president of Equipos Nucleares SA, SME focused his intervention which he also identified the tool used in the company to develop these concepts: the Culture of Improvement based on the Annual Plans the company manage.

As he recalled, Ensa was «a pioneer» adopting Security, Technology and Good Practices as the basis of its management; three «master lines» that the sector «has set as immediate and urgent objectives to implement as a way for the sustainability of the company».

González-Mesones was optimistic and hopeful about the new year to come. «The situation of the sector is complicated and increasingly demanding but the way we have to succeed is to do things better than the rest and with better technology.»

Project Recognition

During the event, the works carried out in the categories «Technological Improvements» and «Zero Accident Objective» were recognized. In the first, the prize was awarded to a Robotics project related to the automation of the measurement of diameters of holes and the burnishing in a tube plate. The first improves reliability, allows the calculation of measurements in real time and guarantees 100% inspection and the second one, guarantees 100% processing, as well as process control and tool wear.

Within the recognition «Objective Zero Accidents», in Category I: Best idea to prevent labor risks, the prize was awarded to a work to improve the environmental conditions inside the steam generators and to reduce the thermal stress that the personnel who perform these works have to endure.