Ensa’s Advanced Technological Center will carry out the tests of the robot within the COROMA European program

COROMA European project seeks to develop a new concept of intelligent, modular and flexible industrial robots, capable of executing multiple processes and manufacturing metallic and composite parts for demanding sectors as aeronautics, shipbuilding or power generation. The Advanced Technological Center of Ensa will carry out the tests of the robot for this latter case.

The initiative, which started in late 2016 and will conclude in October 2019, has the participation of a total of 16 companies, research centers and universities from seven different countries.

COROMA has a budget of more than 7 million euros, 6 of them have been funded by the European Commission through the program to boost research and innovation Factories of the Future, within the frame of the multi annual program Horizon 2020.

The technical team will work to ensure that the design of the human-robot interface will fast programming. The modularity of the COROMA robotic system will allow it to adapt to the specific requirements of different manufacturing companies.

This Project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 723853.