Ensa shipped its first cask ENUN 24P to China

Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E. shipped its first cask ENUN 24P to China that arrived to Shanghai in the middle of May and to Daya Bay plant at the end of the same month.

This is the first component for the Chinese market whose design, manufacture and supply has been realized completely by the cantabrian company. 15 years ago, Ensa made its first incursion but it was with the manufacture of two casks of other design.

The client, URC , requested Equipos Nucleares a cask for the transportation of the spent fuel of two plants, Daya Bay and LingAo, located in the south-east of China, to other pools of intermediate storage located in Lanzhou zone.

The ENUN 24P is a double purpose cask, designed for both, spent fuel transport and storage, it is able to transport 24 non damage fuel elements type PWR.

To adapt the existing requirements on the transportation route through China, Ensa has had to optimize the design of the standard trunnion of its casks, to satisfice the requirements of the Chinese Regulatory Council.

Otherwise, Ensa have realized the design and development of the charge auxiliary equipments, very technically advanced, to manipulate the cask with all the guarantees and facilities.

In China, the cold tests will be carried out and local personnel will be trained, who were previously trained in January and February 2016 by the cantabrian company.