Ensa obtains the transport license of a cask for high-burnup fuel in China

Equipos Nucleares SA, SME has received the approval from the Chinese Safety Council for   a Certificate of Compliance of its ENUN 24P container, for the transportation of high-grade fuel . This is an important success for the Cantabrian company, which becomes one of the few companies with a cask able to transport high-burnup fuel.

URC requested Ensa to design, manufacture and supply a cask for the transportation of high-burnup fuel in P.R. China. The cask design was initially licensed in Spain, by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council and is now approved by the Chinese Nuclear Regulatory Authority . This allows URC to  safely transport high-burnup fuel in Chinese territory.

The licensing achievement of the ENUN 24P in Spain was an important step forward for the Spanish industry, since it has been the first container approved  in Spain that allows the direct transport of high-burnup fuel. The ENUN 24P allows the transport of up to 24 spent fuel elements of PWR type by road, rail and sea.

With this new achievement, the ENUN 24P completes the number of containers already licensed by Ensa, adding to the ENUN 32P and the ENUN 52B.