Ensa has completed the installation of three heat exchangers of the JHR project

Maliaño, 22nd January 2020 – Ensa, Equipos Nucleares, S.A., S.M.E., a company located in Maliaño, has wide national and international experience in the manufacturing of large nuclear components, including heat exchangers, developed using different technologies and based on the standards and codes required by companies in the sector.

Ensa, as part of the Spanish contribution to the development and construction of the Jules Horowitz Reactor, is the company responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the primary circuit heat exchangers, which are currently under construction at the centre of the Cadarache nuclear power plant in France. The assembly operation carried out by the Cantabrian company has been completed on schedule. Ensa has completed the installation of the three heat exchangers of the JHR project, whose main objectives are the irradiation of materials and fuels used in current and future nuclear reactors, in order to guarantee the safety and production of radioisotopes for medical purposes.

The work carried out has been approved by the notified body. This procedure was essential in order to be able to start the work on site. The complexity of the process has led to Ensa being congratulated on the success of the complicated operation of introducing the exchangers at their final location, due to space limitations.