Passion for Improvement

Our culture of continuous quality improvement is a constant in our daily work. This is essential because we are a flexible and global multi-system supplier and we need to fulfill the expectations of our customers, our main priority, as well as those of our shareholders. We also keep a commitment with our workers, especially young professionals.

Our passion for improvement is always present in our business values. Our strong costumers focus requires us to have the best practices and to encourage the culture of nuclear safety and security, continuous improvement, teamwork, good practices –Human Performance (HuP)- and staff training and coaching, especially for young people. The search for competitiveness and the “operational excellence” for industrial safety, quality and time reliability, productivity and flexibility in adapting to change, is only sustainable with our passion to improve.

We compete in a very demanding international market and we differentiate ourselves from our competitors thanks to the development activities of our Advanced Technology Center, our improvement plans and all our research and development projects.

The development of the best practices is closely related to the quality of a company. We use them in a systematic way thanks to our continuous improvement plans (annual plans and improvement projects), the use of good practices (individual or human performance, leadership, organizational defenses and lessons learned) and the development of our workers (technical training, leadership and management skills and individual development).

The commitment of the company and its workers to the culture of continuous quality improvement is a reality. All our actions and their results are controlled and monitored according to ethics and transparency.

Continuous Improvement Plan

Our Continuous Improvement Plan extends to each area of the company, including an Improvement Project Program. Each individualized improvement plan sets the objectives of each area, the monitoring indicators, and the people in charge. The Continuous Improvement Planincludes six kinds of projects: 6 Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S+1, new technological developments, technological adaptations of the projects to ongoing projects and to research and development (R&D).

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Human Performace (HuP)

Our best practice culture -Human Performance (Hup)- is a priority for us and an important part of our corporate strategy. We believe that working with individuals, leaders and the organization in general allows us to reduce the possibility of errors and improve the competitiveness of the company. That is what our clients expect and we share this culture with the nuclear industry itself.

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RDI Management System

We have an RDI management system that includes researchdevelopment and innovation activities in nuclear technology and engineering, industrial technology and instrumentation technology that is certified in accordance with the UNE 166002 standard. Our RDI management system establishes our policyour management unit and the RDmanagement manual.

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