Human Performace -HuP

Our best practice culture -Human Performance (Hup)- is a priority for us and an important part of our corporate strategy. We believe that working with individuals, leaders and the organization in general allows us to reduce the possibility of errors and improve the competitiveness of the company. That is what our clients expect and we share this culture with the nuclear industry itself.

It is necessary to place stress on the proper behavior of individuals during the preparation of the work, keeping the workplace in good condition, taking responsibility for the quality of work, analyzing and reporting transparency. The leader’s behavior and that of the directors must always stand as an example to the organization. It is essential to communicate the required values in a clear wayand to encourage the development of young people.

Our experience comes back to us as learned lessons in a systematic and documented way. After establishing all the procedures to avoid errors, as our “Plan Zero Defects”, we systematically prepare our meetings to organize our new projects and work. At the end of the projects we even have meetings to evaluate results.

We develop training in Human Performance based in our knowledge and in our experience, key factors in the development of our professionals.