Ensa, Equipos Nucleares S.A, S.M.E was founded on July 10th 1973 to satisfy the demands of the Spanish nuclear civil program pertaining to the manufacturing of large nuclear components. The construction of the plant, located in Maliaño (Cantabria), south of the Bay of Santander, and next to the city, took place during 1975 and 1976. The first manufacturing components for the Spanish market began on those years.

Specifically designed for the nuclear field, the first ASME nuclear stamp was obtained in 1978 and the first component, the Reactor Pressure Vessel for the Valdecaballeros nuclear power plant in Spain was delivered in 1981.

Its Services Division was created in 1980 and since then it has worked at nuclear power plants on tasks such as fuel handling, maintenance, decontamination and decommissioning. Ensa also designs and manufactures casks (fuel storage and transport) and racks for fuel handling. Apart from that, since 1986 Ensa has a majority participation of the company ENWESA, dedicated to provide services to nuclear power plants and others sectors.

Ensa’s operations center and its corporate headquarters are located in Maliaño, Cantabria.

From the beginning Ensa has had the appropriate infrastructure, technology and workforce to achieve the highest standards in the areas of engineering, design, supply, quality assurance, manufacturing, inspection and service delivery. The modern equipment and facilities available are able to cope with the largest manufacturing components. Its Advanced Technology Center, with accredited laboratories, creates the opportunity to develop innovative manufacturing techniques and inspections.

Recognized in the nuclear industry for the quality of its products and high-tech manufacturing processes, Ensa is specialized in the manufacture of large components such as reactor vessels, reactor vessel cover heads and internals, steam generators, heat exchangers, casks for fuel storage and transportation, racks for fuel, etc.

Ensa’s outstanding industrial profile guarantees its presence in major projects such as ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), in which, in addition to manufacturing different segments of TOKAMAK sectors, the company has developed all the robotic and automated processes for welding and inspection at the junction of these sectors.

For 40 years, Ensa has supplied components for nuclear plants all around the world in compliance with international standards and the most strict quality requirements. This has enabled Ensa to become a multi-system manufacturer, capable of succeeding in the most demanding fabrication of nuclear components under different codes and norms.


The Ensa group of companies is made up of the company Equipos Nucleares, S.A, S.M.E:

Enwesa Operaciones, S.A, S.M.E (ENWESA):


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