Corporative culture

The reputation of the Group Ensa/ENWESA is one of the most important values. We operate in an ethic and honest manner in order to keep the confidence of our customers, suppliers, employees and share holder. The Mission and Vision of our company and the corporative values are our permanent reference when daily working and they are the foundation of our principles of our company conduct. All these conduct principles are documented and collected in our “Conduct Code of the Group Ensa/ENWESA”, the “Internal Rules of the Steering Committee”, the “Internal Auditing Code”, our “Social Foundation Chart”, the “Basic Guidelines of the Corporative Management” and the “Equality Plan”.


To satisfy our customers by the fully compliance of our contractual duties regarding quality, price delivery dates. To improve the professional and personal development of our human team and finance our investment plan by ourselves, our commitment with our share holder.


To be a multisystem supplier of services and equipment and a worldwide leader exporting main components for nuclear power plants based on our operational excellence and delivery reliability.

Corporative Values

Customer oriented

Understanding the customers needs, being able to solve their problems and providing solutions beyond their original expectations.

  • Ethic operation and social responsibility

    Respecting all rights of the persons and organizations we work with and, in general, with the society. Contributing to the sustainable growth evaluating the social and environmental consequences of our performance.

  • Health and safety

    Promoting the needed environment, circumstances and conditions to develop our activity efficiently at no risks and avoiding incidents and damages affecting the health and the integrity of our employees.

  • Passion for improvement

    “Total Quality Management” as a philosophy of sustainable continuous improvement policy based on the best practices and the identification of improvements stimulating the creativity and the innovation.

  • Development of persons

    Offering consistent employment, integrating, motivating, recognizing the merits, establishing improvement plans, awarding the effort and maximizing the professional capabilities.

Operational excellence

Quality at the first time and high efficiency is our target for our daily decisions and actions (“well-done work at the first time”) in order to assure the creation of value by the appropriated behaviour.


Acting as per the objectives and mission of the Group

Team building

Personal efforts and responsibilities are recognized. However, we promote the team building philosophy respecting the employees and creating a satisfactory working atmosphere.

Proud of membership

We are satisfied as members of the Group of companies Ensa/ENWESA because of the commitments and the corporative values we share.


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