Continuous Improvement Plan

Our Continuous Improvement Plan extends to each area of the company, including an Improvement Project Program. Each individualized improvement plan sets the objectives of each area, the monitoring indicators, and the people in charge. The Continuous Improvement Planincludes six kinds of projects: 6 Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S+1, new technological developments, technological adaptations of the projects to ongoing projects and to research and development (R&D).

The project of Lean Manufacturing, orientated to manufacturing process and management, is intended to reduce production time by identifying and eliminating non-value added activities. The methodology 6 Sigma analyses in a structured way the process of reducing its variability, cutting down the cost of poor quality and improving outcomes. Everything related to order, cleanliness, and safety in the workplace is improved through projects 5S+1. The technological projects and R&D are developed to obtain more innovation as a competitive strategy.

The Continuous Improvement Plan is supervised by a Committee, that tracks the actions taken, organizes the improvement teams, assigns projects and objectives, evaluates results and controls the implantation of the process results. Moreover, the Continuous Improvement Committee promotes the continuous improvement by motivating employees and generating proposals. This Committee also reports on project progress and results.

Through the Integral Control Board and its indicators, the Continuous Improvement Plan is systematically evaluated from the perspective of the customers, processes continuous learning and the financial factors.