Social Responsability with employment

Having the best people management policies is a priority for Ensa.

We work on the continuous improvement of our management system in order to get dedicated, involved, committed and versatile staff who are ready to cope with the demands of a multi-system company like us, that requests great flexibility and adaptability to the current and future needs of the industry in which we operate.

We believe in a policy of equal opportunities and in reconciling personal and family life with work. These are two important aspects that allow us to evaluate and optimize the potential and possibilities of our team and improve their quality of life. In fact, Ensa was the first company in the Cantabria region and also in the group of companies belonging to SEPI having an Equality Plan launched on May 2008. This Plan has helped to put us at the forefront of the adoption of measures favouring our workers’ work-life balance.

Our continual pursuit of excellence in everything we do, all the efforts we make to improve the quality of our products and services, our deadlines, our transparency, our communication and our competitiveness in the market are always performed in order to ensure the future of the company and the satisfaction of all our customers. We also work hard to contribute to the maintenance and growth of the workforce of Ensa/ENWESA.

Social Responsability

We care about our social environment and we strive to prove it. Our staff selflessly offers training at universities and vocational training schools, whose students regularly visit our facilities. We have a scholarship program for university students and also for vocational training students.
We hire special employment centers to perform different works in our facilities and we economically support their employment projects. Moreover, we sponsor local sports organizations, and we also colaborate with local institutions, foundations and associations as “Hermandad de Donantes de Sangre” (blood donor brotherhood).


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