Goal 12


The components we manufacture are metallic and are built from semi-finished metallic products, such as ferrules, tubes, etc, which are machined and welded. 

Chemical products are used in auxiliary processes to manufacturing such as detergents and degreasers, penetrating liquids for non-destructive testing or acids for electrolytic polishing of metal surfaces. The machining processes require cutting fluids such as taladrine or cutting oil, and for the welding processes various mixtures of gases and filler material are consumed. 

One of the main areas of action within the Environmental Improvement Plan is the replacement of certain substances with others that are less dangerous for people and the environment.

We introduce ecological criteria in the purchase of materials and equipment. We demand ecological certifications that accredit the energy efficiency of the equipment, the sustainable origin of the resources and the absence of dangerous products. For example, we use FSC-certified and Chlorine free paper.

We apply the principles of the circular economy, reusing materials as far as possible and recovering the waste generated in order to reintroduce it into the production chain, thus avoiding the extraction of resources from nature.