Responsibility with people’s health and safety

To ensure our workers’ health and safety is an essential responsibility for Ensa. It is a complex task that requires the coordination and participation of all those who are part of the company, our customers and other companies that we work with.

We wish to continue improving safety in our work. For this reason, we have certified our system under an international standard, the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001). We control and manage in an integral way the occupational health and safety of our staff, constantly training them and conducting emergency drills.

The safety and health of those around us, those who work with us and our own is an essential aspect.

 Health and Safety Policy

The Direction at EQUIPOS NUCLEARES, S.A, S.M.E (Ensa) ratifies the present Policy and assumes the commitment to carry out the technical, industrial and commercial development of nuclear systems for steam generation and their components, as well as activities in other areas, considering them as basic pillars to safeguard the health and safety of all the people who work at ENSA. To achieve this, the company will be guided by the following principles:

The present Occupational Health and Safety Policy at Ensa is communicated to everybody working in our facilities and is constantly updated, with periodical reviews to assure that it continues to be relevant and appropriate for the organization, being available to everybody or any organization who requests it.

  • The Direction understands that all Ensa staff, contracted companies and visitors, have the right to work in optimum Safety and Health conditions. Therefore, they have introduced an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, based on preventive action, that builds the reference framework with which to establish and review the occupational safety and health aims.

  • All operators are responsible for their own health and safety and they should also contribute to the health and safety of their workmates. Ensa understands that accomplishing and enforcing this policy is the responsibility of everybody staying at our facilities.

  • The Direction at Ensa will provide all the necessary means (technical, economical and human) to reduce the work accident rate, as much as possible, and to accomplish, with the applicable legal requirements and any other requirements that the Company voluntarily subscribes respect to Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Being the staff at ENSA, the contracted companies and visitors, “Object and Subject” of the occupational health and safety, the Management shares and directs everything that favors the prevention of damage and personal deterioration of health, for the continuous improvement and performance of the administration of Work Health and Safety.

  • The Direction understands that the most efficient way to achieve an excellence in the Occupational Health and Safety Management is through the cooperation of all the workers at the company, and thus is committed to take on the necessary actions to encourage cooperation and participation in all the workers. Therefore they will promote a preventive culture orientated to the occupational health and safety, based on the workers’ education / information and awareness.


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