Goal 8


Working with a strong sense of integrity is critical to maintaining the trust and credibility of our shareholders, customers and suppliers. Since the establishment of our Company, integrity, honesty and full compliance with all applicable laws have guided our activities. We believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. This attitude demands the integrity and dedication that is evident in the passion for our work.

We are a multi-system manufacturer with a high technological level in our processes. Our maxim is to do our job well, at first, on time and at competitive prices. Operational Excellence is our goal. We are proud of our permanent culture of learning, innovation and teamwork for the benefit of our customers and environment.

Our customer satisfaction, our high level of technology, quality, health and safety standards, our economic development and our sustainable behaviour are the direct result of our own actions and the way we carry them out.

To safeguard the dignity of our workers, we focus our efforts on creating and maintaining a working environment that respects dignity and personal freedom. We have these tools to safeguard people’s dignity and decent work:

Protocol for the Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace and establishment of a procedure for the treatment of cases that may arise, signed by the Management and the Works Council on April 30, 2010, which seeks to prevent and eradicate situations constituting harassment in all its forms, with the Company assuming its responsibility in order to eradicate an environment of conduct contrary to the dignity and values of the company. Two fundamental aspects are considered: the prevention of harassment and the business reaction to reports of harassment.

Committee for the Monitoring and Interpretation of the Collective Agreement: whose mission is to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Agreement.

Commission for Equality and Reconciliation of Personal and Working Life. Its functions include ensuring compliance with the measures set out in the company’s Equality Plan. It aims to enable workers to participate in the family environment, without undermining legally recognised rights and leave, without negatively affecting working conditions and access to positions of responsibility.

With regard to the promotion of sustainable growth and full employment, it should be noted that we collaborate in projects for labour insertion (disability or groups at risk of social exclusion) to facilitate their incorporation into employment. We enter into commercial contracts with Special Employment Centres for the provision of services ancillary to the company’s activity. Some of these are: vending service and water bottle supply, laundry service, waste removal and management service, garden maintenance and supply of work clothes.