Since 1986, Ensa has been providing racks from numerous technologies, including proprietary designs, and offers global services to its customers from conceptual design to installation and spent fuel management. Ensa is highly qualified to develop the following works:

  • Desing
    • Shielding and criticality
    • Thermo-hydraulic
    • Structural and seismic
    • Fuel element impacts
    • Material compatibilities
  • Licensing
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation in fuel pools including re-racking
  • Fuel management
Ensa’s advantageous design Interlock Cell © Matrix for region II of the fuel pool, valid for PWR and BWR reactors, is based on a simple and compact construction using modern manufacturing technologies (laser cutting) and with a minimum pitch that optimizes the pools’ capacity.

The material primarily used is borated stainless steel, widely used and with numerous positive references, and commonly accepted in Europe. This material is very suitable for wet storage in pools and has metallographic properties equivalent to SS 304. This design is licensed in US and already in operation in Finnish, Chinese and Spanish nuclear power plants.

The fuel racks supplied by Ensa (more than 37,000 cells in total) operate reliably and safely in 29 pools at 22 nuclear power plants in countries such as Spain, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, Finland, France, China, United Kingdom and South Africa. Ensa has also performed of re-racking (replacing the original racks of the pool with new ones) in 19 fuel pools at 14 plants.