Plant services

Ensa’s Business Development Department offers a wide variety of services to nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, offering tailored solutions such as the equipment supply, maintenance, support during facility operation and repairs from the beginning of operation to final decommissioning, as well as waste treatment.

Ensa has wide experience in the services sector. The company has worked in every Spanish nuclear power plant and in more than twenty reactors around the world. This experience allows us to adapt and improve all the process. For these reasons, we are able to offer personalized services to each client for each specific situation.

Among other services we highlight:

  • Among other services we highlight:
  • Waste treatment
  • Re-racking
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Development of special tools
  • Decontamination
  • Dismantling
  • Special projects

Our capacities in this sector are complemented with the services offered by ENWESA, our subsidiary company. We usually co-ordinate and develop our activities in the nuclear field with them. EWESA has a wide experience in nuclear services to the power generation industry, and is well established in other areas such as petro-chemical plants, railway and marine industry, etc. offering services in communication and security, installation and maintenance of electric systems and instrumentation and control, inspection and maintenance of rotating equipment and valves, equipment installation, robotics and many others.


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