Our commintments

We operate in a responsible and transparent way and we are committed to the highest level, following our principles of responsible corporate behaviour.

We comply with the applicable legislation in all countries where we operate, acting in a fair, honest and transparent manner, respecting people and promoting equality and conciliation of professional and family life.

We protect people’s physical integrity and health, with special emphasis on the prevention of any type of risk. We look after the environment, we efficiently manage the company resources, we collaborate with international authorities in our import-export commercial operations, we protect information according to the law and contracts signed with our customers and we strive to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our share-holders

Providing sustained value-creation, ensuring transparency in the management and corporate governance.

Our costumers

Maximizing customer satisfaction through our efforts to anticipate and meet their needs.

Our suppliers

Establishing relationships inspired by mutual respect, trust and product and service quality.

Our staff

Encouraging their commitment and involvement, providing employment and soundness. Integrating, motivating and recognizing their merits; establishing improvement plans, rewarding their effort and maximizing their potential and professional achievement.


Contributing to the sustainable development of society, social environment, the environment and respect for human rights.


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