Inspection Services

The quality of our manufacture processes is checked daily. The control of our products is done with the highest and newest techniques and always in compliance with the applicable standards, following our costumer’s requirements and our own commitments, even more demanding. Our team is highly qualified and trained in accordance with American (SNT-TC-1A) and European (EN-473) regulations.

Apart from their collaboration during the manufacture of our products, our inspectors are able to provide our clients with the following:

  • Non-destructive tests (VT, PT, MT, UT, RT, LT)

  • Development of exact replicas

  • Leak tests

  • Hydrostatic tests

  • Remote inspections

  • Dimensional controls

Our Quality Control (QC) department has modern inspection equipment with the highest technologies such as, for example, a linear accelerator of 9 MeW, sources of Co60, RX equipment, Gammamat B3 for welding a tube to a tube-plate and industrial radiography; mass spectrometers and vacuum pumps for leak detection; rigid and flexible endoscopes for remote visual inspections or in areas of difficult access and laser Tracker arm/scanner, as well as MMT and profile protector for dimensional controls.


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