Fuel Storage Casks

We have extensive experience in the field of fresh and used fuel casks. Since 1985, we have supplied components of multiple technologies, including our own cask designs, providing an integral service to our customers from the conceptual design to the operation and loading at the plant. Ensa has the capacity to perform the following activities: Design, Licensing, Manufacturing, Testing, Design and supply of auxiliary equipment and Loading, operation and inspection in plants.

We have supplied fuel casks to customers in China, Japan and the United States, in addition to supplying all the casks in operation in the ISFSI (independent spent fuel storage installation) of the Spanish plants.

Ensa’s own designs, of the dual purpose type (storage and transportation), are the following: Ensa Dual Purpose cask (HI-EN69), Ensa Universal Cask 32P (ENUN 32P), Ensa Universal Cask 52B (ENUN 52B) y Ensa Universal Cask 24P(ENUN 24P).


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