Financial and Technical Responsibility

To offer a real value to our customers and to compete with international big companies, we must implement the best practices in our management and manufacturing processes.

We take personal responsibility for our work striving for excellence in a double aspect: experience and prevention.

  • From the point of view of the experience, by learning from our mistakes and studying the causes that produce them.

  • From prevention, by applying the lessons learned as well as the identification, evaluation and treatment of risks that the activities of a new project entails, especially those activities or works not developed before.

Just as our customers expect, we take care of our facilities, services and manufacturing equipment, ensuring maximum cleanliness and control, as the nuclear market demands.

The reputation of the Group of companies Ensa/ENWESA is one of our most important assets. The specialized work done at our factory and also at Spanish and international nuclear power plants, the group management and our daily work affect the public perception and reputation of Ensa and its subsidiary ENWESA. We are ambassadors of the Group in the world.

The satisfaction of our customers, our high technological level, quality, health and safety standards, our passion for improvement, our economic development and also our sustainable functionality are the direct result of our own actions and the way we carry out them.


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