Goal 3


We attach the utmost importance to the protection of the physical integrity and health of people and to the prevention of any kind of risk in the workplace. In this respect:

We maintain a firm responsibility with the integration of the preventive activity in all the  levels of the organization, making the workers aware of the need to collaborate in the adoption and fulfillment of the preventive measures.

We maintain a clear agreement to inform customers, suppliers, and other agents with whom we have a professional or business relationship of the rules and procedures regarding the prevention of occupational hazards.

We develop continuous improvement plans in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. Increase in actions to raise awareness among workers and workshop managers and directors, through the implementation of the HuP good practice tool, which affects human behaviour and the dissemination of communications and awareness campaigns through screens in the facilities.

We have developed and implemented a “Zero Accident Plan”.

We have our own medical service for health care for its staff, which has the human, material, organizational and procedural means necessary for the coverage of an optimal care service.

We are members of the “Solidarity in the Company” programme promoted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).  Our contribution is materialized in collaborating in the diffusion of campaigns and messages of sensitization in the matter of health care to promote a healthy life that favors the well-being of all the workers and the promotion of the prevention of the cancer.