Engineering and design

Our engineering and design area, with more than thirty-five years experience, combines the most modern analysis software and the experience of our designers and expertises. Our personnel, highly qualified and trained, are able to develop the competitive solutions our customers are expecting. We use the best practices, always in compliance with the applicable standards, and we are familiar with the international codes, regulations and standards as ASME, ANSI, ASTM, RCC-M, RCC-MR, RCC-MX, KBM, TBM, EPRI, KTA, UNE-EN, AD-Merkblatter and others.

Our continuous learning process as designer, licenser and manufacturer, frequently complemented as operator of the equipment supplied by us, is a permanent and beneficial lesson learned that we apply on our engineering services. We assure the manufacturing and inspecting feasibility of our products. We own proprietary designs of dual purpose (storage and transportation) spent fuel casks and also for racks for wet storage of fuel in the plant pools. Our designs have been internationally licensed and are working in a safe and reliable manner.

We are proactively involved on the most innovating international fission and fusion nuclear projects as well last generation and experimental reactors projects. We are providing engineering services as design, development, stress analysis, licensing, manufacturing and tooling engineering, processes development and innovation, documentation management, technical studies and reports, training, definition, upgrading and materials certifications (including supply of ASME materials) as well manufacturing and inspection feasibility studies.

We work with modern software programs (ANSYS, HTRI, CFX, PVElite) for the design and analysis of components. Our methods are always previously validated and verified. We perform thermal, structural, seismic, dynamic, elastic-plastic, fracture mechanics, fatigue, buckling and fluid dynamics calculations for nuclear components as:

  • Reactor vessels including supports, internal parts and closure heads
  • Steam generators
  • Pressurizers
  • Main coolant piping
  • Fuel caks
  • Fuel racks
  • Heat exchangers


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