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Research and Development

We have a management system of Research and Development (R&D) with activities such as research, development, innovation in technology and nuclear engineering, industrial technology and instrumentation technology certified according to UNE 166002. Our management system of R&D sets our policy, our management unit and our management handbook of R&D.

The R&D projects and the technological improvements are collected in the annual technological improvements and R&D plans, reinforcing the coordination of the company’s different departments. Thanks to this, we make an efficient use of resources, we encourage the creativity of new ideas and proposals for improvement, we integrate the generated results into the organization and we inform on the objectives, results and implementations in order to reinforce the motivation, the R&D culture and the best practices.

Ideas and improvement proposals are provided by a computerized system called CAPA, and we have specific meetings and technical communications that we monitor and evaluate.

We develop on our own the best technologies and different R&D projects and also keep a strong collaboration with other industries and companies such as the University of Cantabria or Cantabria’s Technological Center.