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The Ensa group of companies is formed by Ensa parent company “Equipos Nucleares, S.A, S.M.E” which is 100% owned by the Spanish public holding SEPI (Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales), and its subsidiary Enwesa Operations, S.A. (ENWESA) which is 82,55% owned by Ensa.

SEPI 100%

Ensa has its registered office at Edificio Génesis, Avenue Burgos 8-B, planta 17, 28036 Madrid, and is registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid in the volume 3153, part 3, book 2449, page 22,726, subpage 133. Ensa’s tax identification number (CIF) is A-28325520. The workshop, facilities and headquarters are located in Avenue Juan Carlos I, 8, 39600 Maliaño (Cantabria).

Ensa 82.55%

ENWESA legal address is Polígono Industrial de Heras, Nave 136, 39792 Heras (Cantabria) and it is registers in the Commercial Registry of Santander in the volume 11.842, section 8ª, book O, page M-185942, subpage 72 and its tax identification number (CIF) is A-81619066.