Ensa´s Metrology Laboratory offers new developments and services

Maliaño, 9 of July 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E Metrology laboratory has expanded its portfolio of services so that, currently, it offers a new calibration service for accelerometers and ​vibrometers, both very demanded during industrial plants and wind farms maintenance.

These new services are included in the portfolio along with some other new calibration services for: explosimeters for hydrogen and explosive atmospheres, hot air welding stations used in SMD components, LASER displacement transducers with profibus communication, calibration of stroboscopes, calibration of scales for weighing trains, etc.

In addition, thanks to the development of the Metrology laboratory and the Automatic unit, it’s possible to test in ENSA pressure transducers with differential pressures and controlled temperature which allows to validate the characteristics and specifications indicated by the manufacturers.