Ensa successfully completes the validation tests of the baskets for Almaraz NPP pools

Maliaño, February 14th, 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has successfully completed the factory validation tests of the baskets dedicated to Almaraz NPP pools in Cáceres. Mentioned validation consisted of different functionality tests and manipulation simulations corresponding to the height levels and conditions of the spent fuel pools on the plant.

The three baskets are designed for the storage of core components or parts of them in the pools of the plant. Their geometrical design is similar to that of the fuel elements, due to baskets are arranged in the same rack sockets destined for spent fuel storage.

Each basket integrates a head in its upper part that allows its handling by anchoring it with the same tools that are used in the plant for the movement of fuel elements. This feature gives the baskets great versatility in terms of its handling and position possibilities in the spent fuel pools.

During the next months it is planned a movement and rearrangement campaign of fuel elements in Almaraz NPP Units I and II pools, during which Enusa will use the baskets to store components and dispose them in the pools.