Ensa sent its second ENUN 32P cask to Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant


Maliaño, April the 8, 2019.- Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E sent its second ENUN 32P cask to Almaraz nuclear power plant in Caceres. This is the first ENUN 32P which will be supplied and also the first of the two units for the fuel storage of the unit 1 of the plant located in Caceres.

At the end of 2018 the state company based in Maliaño sent and loaded its first cask of the ENUN design with fuel of the first unit of Almaraz NPP, being stored in the NPP’s independent spent fuel storage installation. Also in April the second cask will be sent also to the first unit and in September, the third cask will be delivered to the second unit of the NPP.

After the summer 2 units more will be loaded in Trillo nuclear power plant in Guadalajara. So a total of 5 casks will be loaded in 2019 between the two NPP’s that belong to CNAT company .

The ENUN 32P cask, designed and manufactured by Ensa, is designed to sotre and transport of spent fuel and is already licensed by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council for this double purpose.