Ensa finished successfully the test developed with the mockup of its ENUN 32P cask by the German Institute B.A.M

Maliaño, February 7th 2019. – Equipos Nucleares S.A., S.M.E has finished successfully all the activities in the 1/3 mockup of its ENUN 32P cask at the facilities of the German Institute B.A.M with the American laboratories of SANDIA and PNNL.

Two drop tests were performed from 30 cm height, in horizontal position with different orientations of its basket, on non-deformable surface that show the postulated scenarios  according to normal conditions of transport, at the regulation transport of radioactive material.

The cask was instrumented with 51 accelerometers located in the body of the cask, in the basket, at 11 of the fuel elements and also at the contact surface in the floor. SANDIA laboratories are in charge of the post-processing of the results, and PNNL of the modelling of the system through two elements finite codes.

The project is part of a series of tests and simulations that the state company located in Maliaño, SANDIA and PNNL have been carrying out for many years, to study in detail the behavior of spent fuel assemblies during postulated mechanical processes in the transport regulation of radioactive material for standard conditions and hypothetical accident conditions.