Ensa delivers 5 racks for the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Finland

Maliaño, November 9, 2017.- Ensa has recently delivered 5 racks to store the spent fuel, in the pool of Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Finland.
With a total capacity of 1,470 positions of spent fuel elements, each racks is formed by panels with a design thatminimizes the number of welds in the assembly.
These components will complete the pool YF-92.08 of the finnish plant that already had 4 Ensa Interlock ® design racks. Currently, they are being transported directly to the plant and their installation in the KPA fuel building is scheduled for 2018.
The cantabrian company designs fuel racks since 1986 and has 38,941 rack cells distributed around the world that operate reliably and safely in 29 pools of 22 plants in countries such as Spain, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, France, China, United Kingdom and South Africa
The extensive experience in this field has made that the manufacture of these components has been carried out respecting the established deadline and with the quality expected by the client, TVO.