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Ensa is part of the group of state-owned companies that compose the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI). SEPI owns the whole social capital of the Company.

SEPI is a public-law entity whose activities are regulated by private law, and which is attached to the Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas (Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations) and reports directly to the Minister.

Grupo SEPI  is made up by a group of state-owned companies, which are very diversified from the standpoint of their social purposes: mining, shipbuilding, communication, food distribution, infrastructure management, tobacco, entrepreneurial promotion, food processing and the environment, leisure, nuclear and sundry services. Moreover, SEPI has power over the state-owned radio and television enterprise, the Corporación Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), oversees a state foundation, and has direct minority participations in a further nine entreprises, and indirect participations in over a hundred companies.

The Act for SEPI’s incorporation delimitates its functions:

  • To promote and directly coordinate the activities of those state-owned companies which are held by it.
  • To set the strategy and overview the planning of the companies in which it has the majority of the capital, making a follow-up and control of the execution of such strategy. The day-to-day management of those companies corresponds to their own managing bodies.
  • To administer its shares and participations, and carrying out all sorts of active and passive financial deals.
  • To set the general guidelines for the activity of the companies of Grupo SEPI, applying the entrepreneurial management criteria and performing the Government’s guidelines on the issues of corporate modernization and reorganization, guaranteeing the protection of the public interest..

Its main purpose is to achieve the highest profitability from its shares and participations through:

  • The definition and approval of the strategies and set up of al significant actions and the annual objective for all the companies of Grupo SEPI.
  • The future design plans, which envisage the required improvements in loss-making companies: operating, financial, organizational, regarding wokforce-related, etc.
  • Controlling the effectiveness with regard to those companies in which it has a direct and majority participation.