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Fuel Management

The Business Development Direction of Ensa and ENWESA, Ensa subsidiary company, jointly provide and integral fuel management service at nuclear power plants in addition to the design, licensing and manufacturing activities of fuel casks and racks. Cradle to grave service during the fuel cycle live. We have the experience and the qualified personnel for the performance of the following activities:

  • Fresh and spent fuel handling.
  • Control rods drive shafts latch and unlatch.
  • Changing of components (control rods and plugs).
  • Inspection of refuelling equipment:
    • Fuel manipulator crane.
    • Fuel transfer system.
    • Associated tools (control rods replacement tool, control rod drive shaft latch and unlatch tool, fuel elevator, etc.).
  • Fuel Inspection:
    • Leak detection by sipping and UT.
    • Visual inspection of fuel elements.
  • Fuel repairs:
    • Repair by upper and lower head (RRTN).
    • Reconstruction.
    • Cleaning by UT.
  • Design and supply of special handling tooling for fuel.