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We manufacture markedly multisystem nuclear components. We have widely demonstrated experience and we are recognized around the world because of the quality of our products, and the high technology of our innovative processes and deadlines.

We manufacture components of multiple technologies, and we also have our own designs. We work according to the highest quality standards, the norms and our client’s requirements. Our manufacture processes include all lessons learned during the design, licensing, installation, operation and even equipment dismantling, because we are present in all life cycle of the components.

We have highly trained and committed staff and our modern facilities, constantly updated through our investment plans, give us the opportunity to manufacture the biggest nuclear components. The implementation of best practices allows us to meet the highest requirements in the interest of safety and reliability during the manufacturing processes. In line with our corporate improvement culture, we develop new manufacturing processes to keep us at the forefront of technology through our technological improvement plan and R+D projects.

We are experts in manufacturing nuclear large components -Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS)- such as steam generators, reactor pressure vessels, reactor vessels cover heads, reactor vessel internals, reactor vessel supports, and other nuclear components such as racks, fuel storage casks and transportation, heat exchangers, non-nuclear components, and special tools.


  • Ensa Reactor Vessels References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Reactor Vessel Heads References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Reactor Vessel Internals References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Steam Generators References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Pressurizers References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Main Coolant Piping References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Casks References June 2013descraga PDF
  • Ensa Racks References June 2013descraga PDF
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