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The main target of the Robotic unit of the Advanced Technology Centre is the implementation of developments and special robotic and automatic applications on manufacturing processes such as welding, control and inspection and assembly. These developments are needed to assure the high standard levels of quality, technology, reliability, delivery times, safety and competitiveness of the company and the compliance of the strict technical requirements demanded by our customers for the manufacturing of their equipment.

The Robotic unit has more than thirty years of successful experience. Its staff is highly qualified on robotic, automatic, extensometric, instrumentation and mechanical design, and includes development and mechanical design engineers and mechatronic technicians.

Ensa projects are proactively supported by the Robotic unit which also provides external services, mainly on the nuclear field and other fields where high technology applications are needed. The working areas are:

  • Robotic applications for welding, cleanliness, measurements and data recording.
  • Processes automatization.
  • Data acquisition on special areas: outline measurement, vision and alignment.
  • Electrical and pneumatic servo systems.
  • Supply of customized mechanical designs.
  • Extensometric, supply of “ad-hoc” sensors.
  • Instrumentation, special sensors and transducers.
  • R+D+i projects development including Joint projects with institutions, laboratories and universities.
  • Process improvements.