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Welding Development

Welding is a critical activity during the manufacturing of the nuclear components. The Welding Development unit qualifies and documents the procedures and welders; improves, modifies and adjusts the existing welding processes; develops, within the frame of the company R+D+I program, new welding processes and manages, including the associated tests, the welding material.

Our expertises have a proven experience, and their training is our priority. They are supported by their own workshop for the manufacturing of the samples and coupons to be used during the qualification of the welding processes and welders, the performance of the weldings, the automatization of the processes and the manufacturing of the samples to be tested to prove the quality of the weldings. All is performed as per the strictest requirements of our customers and the applicable standards as the European norm EN, the international codes ASME, KTA, RCC-M, RCC-MR (applicable on the international fusion ITER project) and RCC-MX (applicable to experimental reactors as the Julius Horowitz Reactor).

Ensa has a vast experience on submerged arc (SAW), electro slag (ESW), hot and cold wire automatic TIG, manual TIG, SMAW and MIG-MAG processes which are the most frequently used techniques during the manufacturing of the nuclear components.

Our Welding Development unit, which proactively cooperates with the production area of the company, also provides following external services:

  • Qualification and documentation of procedures and welders.
  • General advice of weldings.
  • Application of regulations and standards in the industrial practice.
  • Development, improvement and adjustment of welding processes.
  • Testing of welding materials.
  • Weldability Studies of materials.


  • CESOL (Spanish Welding and Joint Technologies Association) Industrial Membership Certificatedescraga PDF