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Metrology Laboratory

The Metrology Laboratory is accredited by ENAC as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

ENAC UNE-EN ISO-IEC 17025 22-LC10.014 for Calibrations descraga PDF


It performs dimensional, pressure, vacuum, force, torque, temperature and electrical calibrations and mechanical tests. Following services are provided:

• Calibrations of any equipment for dimensional control.

• Automatic calibration of limit gauges for screw thread, plain gauges, etc.

• Verification of geometry and the machine tool positioning with laser interferometer.

• Calibrations of granite surface plates and accessories for flatness, straightness and alignment equipments.

• Calibrations of gage blocks class 0, 1 and 2.

• Verifications with coordinate measuring machine, the uncertainty measurement < 0.005 mm.

• Calibrations of special dimensional equipment up to 4 metres maximum.

• Hydraulic pressure gauge calibration up to 5.000 bars and neumatic up to 20 bars.

• Calibrations of vacuum equipment up to 0.0001 mbar.

• Verifications of safety valves, pressure recorder, pressure switch, etc.

• Verifications at site of pressure.

• Recording and monitoring of hydro tests.

• Calibrations of torque equipment from 0.2 N.m up to 10.000 N.m, torque wrench, torque multiplier, electric torque wrench and hydraulic torque wrench.

• Calibrations at site of torque equipment.

• Calibrations of thermocouple up to 1.000ºC.

• Calibrations of RTD, pyrometers, thermistors up to 500 ºC.

• Characterization and calibrations of temperature baths and furnaces.

• Verifications at site of temperature recorder, temperature simulators.

• Calibrations of voltmeters, amperimeters up to 8.5 digit number.

• Calibrations of welding devices up to 1.500 A.

• Calibrations of dynamometers and bolt tensioners up to 2000 kN.

• Calibrations of tensile test and extensometers.

• Calibrations at site of Charpy impact machine and Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness equipment.

• Calibrations of weighing equipment.

• Verifications of explosimeters.

• Calibrations of densitometers and radiographic films.

• Calibrations of thickness and UT equipment.

• Verification of welding gas flowmeter.

• Calibration of special equipment (impact plastic Charpy machine, VICAT, etc.).

• Development of customised calibrations procedures.

Laboratorio de metrologia

Laboratory of Material Testing

The Laboratory of Material Testing is accredited by ENAC as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the performance of tests of metallic materials and welding joints.

ENAC UNE-EN ISO-IEC 17025 942-LE 1853 for Metallic Materials Testing and Welding descraga PDF


It provides following services:

• Tensile test at room and elevated temperature up to 550º C with a maximum load of 1.000 kN.

• Notched bar impact testing (Charpy) in accordance with EN and ASTM standard from -190º C up to 50ªC.

• Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness tests with loads from 0,01 up to 30 kg.

• Drop weight tests (Pellini) up to 1.600 julius and temperatires from -190ºC up to 50ºC.

• Bending and flattening tests with loads up to 1.000 kN

• Optical microscopy up to 1.800 magnifications and stereoscopic microscopy up to 50 magnifications with image acquisition.

• Metalographic replicas on site.

• Corrosion tests.

• Quantitative metallographic with the Leica Application Suite (LAS) imaging software integrated in the MEF4M Leica microscope.

• Chemical test of the following materials: steel, foundry and niquel alloys thru emission optical spectrometry with fix and portable equipment.

• Carbon and sulfur determination with LECO and nitrógen with ELTRA.

• Water analysis: conductivity, pH, ionic chromatography (anions and cations), dissolved oxygen, silicon in water, dissolved solids, suspended solids, total solids and metallic ions with colorimeter.

• Dew point and oxygen determination in gas.

• Moisture determination in fluxes and covers.