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The Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) is the technological driver of Ensa. It is able to validate and qualify the materials and processes used during the manufacture and testing of the components produced by Ensa but also capable to develop innovating and competitive processes and robotic applications. The Advanced Technology Centre includes four working units: Metrology, both mechanical and chemical testing labs, welding development, automation & robotics and defectology, some of them accredited by ENAC. Also the ATC participates on running projects of the company and proactively cooperates with organizations, institutions and universities on challenging projects of innovating technology.

The ATC has a significant role within our R+D+i plan by the development of the last cutting-edge welding technics and innovative robotics applicationswhich are applied on our manufacturing processes in order to assure the expected quality, increase the competitiveness and achieve the required delivery dates by our customers, and always committing with the most strict manufacturing standards.

The proven experience and capabilities of our Advanced Technology Centre are also available for external companies, organizations and institutions on projects where high technological processes and applications are needed.

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The Metrology Laboratory is accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by ENAC. It performs calibrations on the dimensional, pressure, vacuum, force, torque, temperature, electrical and mechanical testing areas.

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The Laboratory of Material testing is accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by ENAC. It performs destructive tests and metallographic and chemical tests of metallic materials and welded joints.

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We have the necessary staff, expertise and resources to develop and improve the welding processes used in the manufacture of our products.


The automation of manufacturing processes is essential to reach the standards of quality, reliability, timing and security that our customers expect.


All the lessons learned and the deep knowledge of the failure mechanism helps us to improve our welding processes and the quality of our materials.

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