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Ensa is a multisystem supplier of nuclear components with proven experience, and is internationally recognized for the quality of its products, its innovative high-tech manufacturing processes and deadlines. We manufacture multiple technologies components, including our own designs, and according to the highest standards, regulations and our customers’ needs and expectations. Our products incorporate the lessons learned during the design, licensing, manufacturing and testing, operation and even equipment dismantling, because we participate in the entire life cycle of components.

We are experts in manufacturing nuclear large components -Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS)- such as steam generators, reactor pressure vessels, reactor vessels cover heads, reactor vessel internals, reactor vessel supports, and other nuclear components such as racks, fuel storage casks and transportation, heat exchangers, non-nuclear components, and special tools.


Ensa’s manufacturing equipment operates in over ninety nuclear power plants around the world with the security and reliability required. We have supplied all kinds of NSSS components with different technologies, following demanding standards and regulations for Spanish nuclear reactors as well as nuclear power plants in Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, United States, South Africa, Argentina, India, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, South Korea and China.

Our fuel racks, over 37,000 cells, are installed in nuclear power plants from UK, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, China, USA, Finland and France and over 8,000 in operation in France, Finland, China and Spain have our own design Interlock Cell © Matrix. All the spent fuel containers in operation in the Spanish nuclear power plants have been designed by Ensa, including proprietary designs such as DPT and ENUN.


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