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Our products and services help to generate clean energy that respects the environment. We maintain this respect in all our processes, taking into account new technical developments, scientific knowledge, customer needs and the expectations of the public. Our factory is located in a sensitive environmental area south of the Bay of Santander, in the estuary of Ria del Carmen, opposite the White Marshes. Listed as a local nature reserve, it is classified by SEO/BirdLife as a bird sanctuary area. Therefore our commitment to the environment is even greater and constant.

We own an expert and environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2004 in strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations at a local, national and European level. We study the risks and establish preventive actions in our environmental management plans, which also applies to our activities outside our facilities. We promote the knowledge of the environment and its problems and encourage the environmental awareness of all our staff through training and encouraging the fulfillment of our activities in an environmentally responsible way.

We operate responsibly and transparently, managing and effectively separating different types of waste and making good use of energy, water and raw materials. Consumptions, emissions and waste are identified and controlled by our staff and accredited testing bodies. Moreover, we establish and evaluate environmental objectives and targets and promote their use by our subcontractors.

In line with our environmental policy, we make the following specific actions:

  • We have a clean point with an area of 450 m2 equipped with safety areas to storage flammable and hazardous waste, as well as an area for storage and removal of non-hazardous and recyclable waste.
  • We sort waste at its origin. For this reason we have implemented a system of selective collection of all waste produced in our production halls. We promote proper waste sorting and recycling o their valuation.
  • We develop training programs for new employees and staff already working at the company to ensure their continuing suitability and competence in environmental matters.
  • We carry out regular awareness campaigns in order to promote environmental awareness among our staff and subcontractors and visitors to our facilities.
  • We periodically monitor wastewater and air emissions to ensure compliance with the legal requirements applicable to us.
  • We perform periodic inspections and internal audits to monitor compliance with environmental requirements and identify improvement actions.
  • We monitor the environmental aspects of our activities by the surveillance and periodic reporting of the environmental indicator.

AENOR-IQNET UNE-EN ISO 14001-2004 Sistema de Gestión Ambiental Acreditación


Ensa is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and services for the civil nuclear industry. Our products and services help to generate clean energy that respects the environment. We maintain this respect in our processes, taking into account new technical developments, new scientific knowledge, customer needs and the expectations of the public.

ENSA commits to conduct and perform its operations and activities in compliance with the following company Environmental policy:

• To recognise customer needs and general public opinion, to continuously improve the efficiency of the company’s operations, policies and programs with regard to the Environment, taking into account the latest “state-of-the-art” technology and scientific development.
• To comply with the applicable Environmental legislation and standards, including other requirements that the company subscribes.
• To promote knowledge of the Environment and to encourage all Ensa personnel to have an environmental concern, educating and motivating them so that all operations are performed in a responsible manner towards to the Environment.
• To design, develop and perform the company’s operations taking into account the efficient use of energy and raw materials, preventing pollution, reducing waste and any potential harm to the Environment, and dispose and eliminate waste in a “sensible and secure” manner.
• To establish and continuously review the company’s objectives and goals.
• To periodically review the results achieved with regard to the Environment by means of audits, evaluating the set objectives and achievements against the regulations in force, publishing all information and findings.
• To establish and promote communication among all parties involved in Environmental Management issues.
• To promote and encourage commitments from subcontractors and suppliers, demanding improvements in their operating practices where the Environment is concerned.
• To satisfy customer needs, identifying and complying with their environmental regulations.

Eduardo González-Mesones Calderón, President & CEO