Ensa´s new product: spent fuel cask.


The Ministry of Industry (MINETUR) following the favorable proposal of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) on May 27, 2015, has approved the licensing of the ENUN 52B cask, in its mode of transport used for BWR fuel. Beforehand, MINETUR had already approved the licensing in the form of storage.

This is an important milestone as it is the first B cask completely designed and licensed by a Spanish company, which will provide to the national and international market an innovative product.

Ensa is currently developing two types of casks dual purpose (storage and transport) PWR fuel: the ENUN32P and ENUN24P. Both designs are at an advanced stage of development.

In the last years, Ensa has strengthened its presence in the fuel management sector in which  it designs and supplies fuel racks and casks; Ensa also performs all services related to load plants casks.


Maliaño, 29 June 2015