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For the Ensa/ENWESA Group, Corporate Social Responsibility comes from a deep ethical conviction. This concept is contained within our corporate mission and values, spreading its culture throughout the organization and reflecting on in the company’s annual plans.

For the two companies composing the Group, sustainability is an indispensable principle, and is essential to maintain the trust and confidence of our shareholders, customers, subcontractors, employees and suppliers, as well as other institutions we work with.

We believe that “the way we do things” is as important as “what we do”. Operational Excellence is our goal and we work to benefit our customers and the environment. In this sense, the Ensa/ENWESA Group seeks to reinforce a management model that reconciles social, economic and environmental development, by promoting high-quality employment, equal opportunities, ensuring, at the same time, showing respect to the environment and the rational use of natural resources.

As we are convinced that commitment to the environment is the right way, Ensa/ENWESA Group daily inorporates criteria of safety, health and environment in all the cycle of its activities.

Our “Business Conduct Code Ensa/ENWESA”, dated April 30 2013, establishes our commitments and principles of corporate conduct translated into a set of rules of conduct.

President’s Statement

The Group of companies Ensa/ENWESA has been characterized by acting with integrity and business ethics, as an essential element of the company’s culture.

Working with a great sense of integrity is critical to maintain trust and credibility of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Since the establishment of the company, integrity, honesty, and full compliance with all applicable laws have been the guidelines of the Group’s activities. We believe that “how we do things” is as important as “what we do”. This commitment requires the integrity and dedication shown by the passion for our work.

We are a multi-system manufacturer with a high technological level. Our top priority is to do our job well from the beginning, timely and with competitive prices. Operational Excellence is our goal. We are proud of our continuous learning culture, innovation, and teamwork, which benefits our customers and the environment.

Providing real value to our customers and competing against international companies require us to implement the best practices to our processes and manufacturing management. We stand behind the professional quality of our work, seeking excellence from two aspects: a) from the point of view of the experience, learning from our mistakes and studying the causes that produce them and b) from prevention through the application of lessons learned as well as the identification, evaluation and treatment of risks that the activities of a new project require, especially those activities or works not developed before. And, as our customers expect, we take care of our facilities, services and manufacturing equipment with the highest control and cleaning guarantees, as demanded by nuclear market demands.
Ensa/ENWESA Group’s reputation is one of our most important assets. From specialized work done in our facilities and in nuclear power plants to the management of the Group, our daily work affects the public perception and reputation. For this reason, we are the Group’s ambassadors in the world.

Our customers’ satisfaction, our high technological level, our quality, health and safety standards, our economic development and our sustainable behaviour are the direct result of our own actions and the way we work. This Business Conduct Code confirms the Corporate Business Principles and continuously contributes to its implementation through the establishment of minimum acceptable standards of behaviour.

The principal audience of this Coduct Code should always be guided by the following principles.

• To maintain a secure conduct to ensure sustainability/honesty of the Group.

• To act legally and honestly..

• To prioritize the Group’s interests over personal or other interests.

• The nature of this Code is to provide a framework of reference to measure any activity. Everyone’s responsibility contained in this code is “doing the right thing”.

This Conduct Code represents and reinforces our commitment to integrity, and helps to resolve issues related to ethics and the fulfilment of objectives in line with our key values. All these values have made our way during 40 years. They are part of our legacy and future. Connecting with our core values is a shared responsibility.

Finally, I ask for your strong commitment to the principles of corporate actions set out in this Conduct Code, from the conviction that it is the right way to continue to maintain our position and image in the market.

Eduardo González-Mesones Calderón, President & CEO